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28 thoughts on “Sobriety Calculator

  1. One year yesterday. I thank my God, my wife, AA and my home group. I am so grateful to have my life, my health and my family back. To anyone new to AA, keep an open mind, listen to the winners ( you don’t have to understand, just listen and do like they do), and “keep coming back” it’s a wonderful life waiting for you ;-)

  2. Thank god for my sobriety, i have been sober since may 8, 2011 it has been 36 wonderful days THANK YOU TO GOD, MY SPONSOR AND FELLOWSHIP!!

  3. Born again on the 18th August 2010 & living life as a grown up toddler! Loving life clean!! I was amused to find my CT in dog years is 5 yrs, bit more impressive than my human 9 month drop in the ocean of life!! Keep coming back as they say brothers & sisters.

  4. Hey John, love the page…I was at the convention in Hayling Island and heard I am not a duck…googled it and you came up :) Love it!

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